Serene Boating on Delft’s Canals

Oostpoort Delft with a canoe in front

Delft’s canals offer a wonderful boating experience.
Glide through the city, surrounded by charming houses, picturesque bridges and see the city from a refreshing angle.

Some sights are just seen better from the water, such as the majestic Oostpoort. Behold the Oostpoort, a charming city gate dating back to the 15th century. Admire its beauty as you approach it from the water.
Fun fact: Contrary popular belief, the Oostpoort is NOT visible on Vermeer’s View of Delft. It’s actually one of the 9 other city gates.

The water offers a new perspective on Delft’s architecture. This angle reveals the city’s architectural splendor in a captivating way, blending traditional and modern styles.
Passing underneath the many bridges may even remind you of Venice, just different. The tranquility of the water enhances your appreciation of Delft’s romantic and peaceful atmosphere.

Consider renting an electric boat as those are allowed in the main canals.

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