Historic candy store – A free museum

An overview of the interior of a Dutch classic candy store
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It’s a bit of a hidden gem, hiding in plain sight.
Right in front of the famed Prinsenhof Museum you’ll find a nondescript door, with a small window next to it.

Upon entering you teleport back to a time when life seemed more innocent.
You imagine hearing children playing outside along with the clopping sound of hooves on cobblestone streets.

You’re inside a fully operating candy and household paraphernalia store which has been a store since early 1900. It was started by a man who was mixing paints there but nowadays it’s being run by volunteers and is officially part of the Prinsenhof museum.

Here you’ll find all kinds of Dutch candy, most of which are variations of “drop” (licorice) which may be a bit of an acquired taste if you weren’t raised with it.

And if you find yourself in need of parts for your antique oil lamps then you’re in the right place too!

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