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Piet Hein Exposition - Delft
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Discover Piet Hein at the Old Church in Delft

As a proud Dutchmen and “Delftenaar” I’m very excited about the Piet Hein exhibition in the Old Church of Delft. For me as a child, his story was one of the most memorable bits of history I learned about in class.

As this is a temporary exhibition don’t wait too long and go explore the captivating story of Piet Hein, the renowned Dutch admiral, at the Old Church in Delft. This unique exhibition sheds light on both his remarkable life and modern forms of slavery.

Piet Hein made history through his exploits as a naval commander. Best known for his audacious capture of the Spanish treasure fleet in 1628, Hein’s legacy reverberates through the annals of Dutch maritime history.

Poster Piet Hein Exhibition, Old Church, Delft

Exhibition Highlights:
Delve into Piet Hein’s life and era, gaining insight into his triumphs and challenges. The exhibition also features Hein’s original armor, loaned from the prestigious Rijksmuseum. Additionally, explore contemporary issues surrounding modern slavery, offering a thought-provoking juxtaposition of past and present.

Practical Information:

Exhibition: Piet Hein at the Old Church in Delft
Date: to
Location: Old Church in Delft
Address: HH Geestkerkhof 25, 2611 HP, Delft, Netherlands
Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday, 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Admission Prices:

  • 8.50 – Adult
  • 7.00 – Student/Scholar (ages 12-25)
  • 4.00 – Children (ages 6-11)
  • 0.00 – Children (ages 5 and under)

Visiting Tips:
The Old Church in Delft welcomes visitors from Monday to Saturday, between 10am and 5pm. Please note that the church is closed on Sundays. For a quieter experience, consider visiting on a weekday. However, if you prefer a livelier atmosphere, Saturdays offer thrice the activity.