Delft Sights and activities

Welcome to Delft: Uncover the Rich History and Vibrant Culture!

Discover the enchanting city of Delft, a hidden gem in the heart of the Netherlands. Immerse yourself in the delightful ambiance of this historic Dutch city as you explore its cobblestone streets and picturesque canals.

Delft is a haven for art enthusiasts with renowned museums showcasing its artistic heritage. Visit the best Delft has to offer, such as the iconic Royal Delft Museum, where Delft Blue pottery comes to life, and the Prinsenhof museum, home to the history of the Father of the Netherlands: Willem van Oranje.

Indulge in Delft’s vibrant culinary scene, offering a blend of traditional Dutch cuisine and international flavors. From charming cafes to stylish restaurants, savor local specialties and unwind at canal-side bars.

Guided tour through Delft

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Immerse yourself in Delft’s charm on our 2-hour guided tour starting in the city center.

Uncover Dutch culture, from cycling to cheese, and embrace their unique traits. Experience the essence of Delft’s history, sights, and authentic Dutch lifestyle. See the city through local eyes, uncover hidden gems, and create cherished memories.

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